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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: No guff, this is true, true, true.....

2007-09-22 02:01:48
My wife and i just came back from a great supper in a quiet little restaurant, great beveridges, excellant soup, srcumptious back ribs, and potatoes delicately made, we are not dessert people.

But here is the kicker, our drive home is about fifteen minutes return trip.

And we didn't meet one car coming towards us, all the way home. I mean none at all, and in this day and age , wow just unbelievable, this is about 8 pm (2000H)

I'd be willing to bet a euro, or canadian dollar that no one reading this post has had this happen to them in the last decade or so, certainly a first for me...

Oh , i'm just realizing that i might lose this bet, (doubt it , but who knows) so i guess it will have to be virtual cash, lol...
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8Canada  snowowl2007-09-22 02:13:20
Oh oh, tupid me, i don't even know what virtual cash is... lol. except i don't got none in my wallet, got a great picture of my grandchildren though...

9United  goldyluck2007-09-22 16:20:07
I think I beat you snowwowl... because last night I was the lone car on the main road at 11:30 PM. An out of town friend visited my other friend 14 miles from home so we had a get together from 5PM 'til I decided to head home. Everybody at the party did not watch the weather channel so I missed the emergency warning of a tropical storm going on that's why everybody stayed home last night.My husband was dead worried about me but can't contact because I turned my cell phone off while I'm driving.

10United  goldyluck2007-09-22 16:26:34

11Canada  snowowl2007-09-22 23:41:04
i'll second , the lol...

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