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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: !! FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS !!

2007-09-22 17:08:16
Where in the world can you find lawsuits like what we have here in US?


It's in the news but I don't want to name names . CRAZY. A man sued a dry cleaning business for a pair of lost pants in the amount of $3000.00. He won and compensated for it. The second time , the same man brought another pair of pants to the same dry cleaning bussiness and they lost it again so this time the man sued the dry cleaning business for $350.000.00 for a pair of pants. Frivolous? You decide.

I have more frivolous lawsuits ...
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19United  goldyluck2007-09-22 17:10:43
Wait a minute..was it $350,000.00 or $350,000,000.00?

20United  goldyluck2007-09-24 18:35:54
Your post garrulus tops all the frivolous lawsuits on earth .

Here is another one:

A guy sued his girlfriend because she gave birth to an ugly baby.Unknown to him ..his girlfriend had a plastic surgery and had burnt all her previous pics so he was not able to see how she really looks like before the surgery.

21Canada  snowowl2007-09-24 18:58:35
my my those are sure funny...

22United  goldyluck2007-09-27 14:58:43
Amir's post is hilarious but true. The point is you can file any lawsuit against anybody. An article from a newspaper give pointers on how to win a lawsuit :

1st - Request a trial by jury .

2nd - hire an exibitionist lawyer .

3rd - choose certain type of jurors .

4rth - tone your accusations into a tearjerker

23United  goldyluck2007-10-04 14:36:21
An amputee found out that a guy somewhere is charging interested people to see an amputated leg (turns out to be his). He filed a lawsuit to get it back.

24United  goldyluck2007-10-05 06:17:41
The court granted the amputee to have his leg back. He wants it preserved and be creamated with him when he dies.

25United  goldyluck2007-10-08 21:42:57
Yes , Tartajubow. it's all about money and our system allowed it too. One of the US pres. hopefuls ( Sen. John Edwards) is actually made his fortunes suing big companies.

Here's more..

A McDonald employee sued the company for 200 million dollars because she was forced to stripped her clothes off by a caller who claimed to be a cop. The court awarded her 6.1 million.

26United  goldyluck2007-10-08 21:57:58
Isn't that ridiculous damienmanic? Will you stripp your clothes off when someone calls you , claims to be a cop and commands you to take your clothes off? Where's the common sense here. That money should be use to encrease pay for the workforce.

They targeted fast food restaurants because most of the workers are teenagers.

27United  goldyluck2007-10-09 16:45:25
crazy! crazy! crazy! How could anybody believes a cop will do such a thing? Even in person ask for a badge when someone comes to you and claimes to be a cop.

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