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Player: Thailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Derman's Dragon and Sicilian tournaments

2007-09-22 18:35:04
Those of you that play in the tournaments probably have noticed that I have several tournaments with the above title. I enjoy the Sicilian and the dragon above all. What I plan to do is have a championship round after every set of 10 tournaments have been completed. After 10 championship rounds (which would be completed after 100 regular tournaments) would be the super championship rounds.

When I have a couple of winners I will create a invitation only style championship. The winner of each tournamnet will be sent an invitation to play. The invitation will be good for 7 days. Afterwards it will be withdrawn and offered to the 2nd place player. It will go on until someone from that tournamnet round accepts.

Come on let's have some fun with the Sicilian thematics.!!
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1Portugal  filipepsantos2007-09-22 23:29:04
This is the kind of iniciative that this site could have more!!!

I'm already in two of those tournaments, I hope I win one of them to get to the championship round!!

2England  jonny__b2007-09-23 18:59:08
I went to join your competiion but its full so if you have any more polese let me know as I would like to get invovled-

3United  Surf-32007-09-23 20:31:05
I enjoy the Sicilian Tournaments, They are very tough!!!! That's what I like about them....I am in for it....-

4Netherlands  Yenman2007-09-23 20:37:10
Does the Classical Sicilian tournament created by trashcan we are playing also count for your championship round?-

5Netherlands  Yenman2007-09-23 20:38:08
Sorry, I meant the Classical Sicilian Dragon tournament-

6Thailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member2007-09-24 05:32:53
Only the Derman tournaments count. Once one closes I open another one. We are on number 7 for Sicilian and #5 for the Dragon.-

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