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Player: United  Prophylaktikos Subject: Monthly Tournament

2007-09-23 12:56:18
I have just constucted my first tournament & I'll have one every month...[maybe a few more, depending on how fast my tournaments go!].

Feel free to join
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1United  Prophylaktikos2007-09-26 01:50:33
I need two more players for my tourament.

Feel free to join. Anyone is welcome

2United  Prophylaktikos2007-10-06 17:08:10
My second monthly tournament for October has begun. Feel free to join...-

3Ethiopia  oooo0oooo2007-10-06 21:36:13
can i join??

4Ethiopia  oooo0oooo2007-10-06 21:36:33
never been in one before-

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