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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: i'm thinking on getting a motorcycle, maybe...

2007-10-01 15:11:00
Has anyone else thought about this or do you already ride a bike...

the bike would have to be a cool one
i drive on country roads needing it to be comfortable, and not tiring
cash of course is a factor
i think if settled on the fact that a 250cc would meet my needs, as i could fit it with a windshield, a couple of saddlebags,
it would meet the criteria, of riding comfortably at speeds of 95 kms with not any vibration, and i could take a passenger with me if i wanted to
honda yamaha and suzuki all make small cruisers in this range
also there are the automatic transmission bikes basically large mopeds, in the 250 cc range, so haven't decided but they look cool also...
any other bike riders out there or nonriders with helpful advice.........
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4United  goldyluck2007-10-01 17:12:33
Get a Victory or a Harley Davidson and do not forget your helmet.

5United  C_Artist_Think2007-10-01 22:26:31
Thank you goldyluck. A lot of people do not do this.


6United  C_Artist_Think2007-10-01 22:27:09
Sorry, not were a helmet, WEAR a helmet.

7Canada  snowowl2007-10-02 02:02:00
thanks everyone , good stuff for sure, i've the winter to mull over the whole thing. So no rush i guess, although i'm not eighteen anymore, time keeps on ticking for sure, gettin older , ya know....

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