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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: Just Opened Up a Tournament

2007-10-07 21:06:33
Hello, just opened up " Traversing The Icy Slopes" and looking for active and energetic players, bring your A game, please don't timeout, and above all let's have fun...
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4Canada  snowowl2007-10-08 14:45:15
wow only a few spots left, and man oh man, what a competitive group, it's early but , i'm thinking these boards are going to be tricky, slippery and hopefully full of surprises, any takers for the last few spots...

5Canada  snowowl2007-10-11 21:18:26
hi adam sorry , i should have made ten spaces available, send me a pm, and when i start a new tourney, i'll let you know, i tend to forget things... lol... this way i just save it in my messages section, i'm thinking roughly three weeks plus or minus, and i'll do another, response was really good, and the battles look good too, even if they are probably uphill all the way, woo hoo...

6Canada  snowowl2007-10-11 21:35:39
by this post i sure don't want to sleight anyone, so i can only speak from experience. i just noticed lonnerke opened a tourney, he is strong , at least against me, he's fair, moves quick, looks like any tourney he organizes would be a good choice to join, i'm sure the participants will be good also, looks like a winner... and again to not sleight anyone i'm only speaking from past experience, ie . players or tourney's i've been in...obviously there are lot's of players in or close to my rating range i've not played yet, that's a shame , lol...

7Canada  snowowl2007-10-12 00:36:17
Yes it's titled "METAL a headbangers journey" and as of the time of this post , two players in it of ten, on my screen it's the tenth last tourny opened...if you guy's join , i may decide yet to jump in, although i really shouldn't give myself to many games (eighteen more???) if i exercize good judgement, that is, and keep my games manageable, although it's tempting to learn some more by (losses) that's tough...lol...i know id get a few wins though, so the quandry continues...

8United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2020-01-14 11:45:28
It looks like we have a few hung tournaments from last year. We'll be fixing them soon. Meanwhile I just started a new tournament 2 days ago and it's already filled up!

I'm glad to see this feature is working again.


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