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Player: United  malbase Subject: Teaching Chess

2006-01-11 15:16:12
For those who teach chess
there is a PDF download available of 303 pages.
With a cable connection the download time was under 5 seconds.
Telephone assume around 5 minutes.
I would recommend downloading the product as soon as possible
before the Canadian Chess Federation removes the information.
On the direct website CCF you need to be a member of CCF to download the product.
But the following contains the product:
I found the item a few years ago, and it was very useful.
Download: If you have a saved file direct the item there so you can locate it.
If anyone has any other good sites place them in this forum.
Keep looking.
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1International  darkk2006-01-27 14:44:20

2Denmark  Fore2006-01-28 17:30:19
Thanks for sharing-



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