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Player: United  jbj Subject: next championship

2007-10-10 21:50:40
i thought the championship is supposed to start at the beginning of october when is it going to start?-
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1India  sankaran2007-10-27 09:42:55
I also thought that next championship will start very son.I am wating for this championship to begin.-

2Italy  Artaserse2007-10-27 21:22:27
I also would like to join a new championship, but people in the forum said that the admins are gone away, nobody is currently taking care of the site, new championships can't start, nor can new rounds of old championships.

Are there any news about this?

3Belgium  lonnerke2007-11-19 18:02:40
I've seen the championships turned to phase 2.
Does this mean that the chess software is updated?
Does this mean that it is possible that new chapionships can be arranged?

4Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member2007-11-19 20:04:07
I like to participate in next chess here .com championship.-

5United  jbj2007-11-20 01:18:47
its taking forever!-

6Serbia  veljkoc2007-12-10 19:32:26
Do you know when will be organized next championship?
Mr Bagheri, if you have the information give it.

Best regards.

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