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Player: Belgium  lonnerke Subject: new tournament: METAL a headbangers journey 1

2007-10-11 12:41:16
it says players with rating from 1400-1650 but this should be 1400-1600. it's 5 days a move.

Hope everybody will join! off course i would be happy when i see a few famous (forum) names appearing on my screen!
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1Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-12 14:20:56
we allready have 4 players,6 to go.
but on the tournament list you drop really fast!
It's weird how many people start a tournament!
On 20 hours more than 20 new tournaments!!! freaky

2International  damienmanic2007-10-12 14:24:33
Yea i know...biggest reasons for that are the limits you put, and if it's an "applied" tourney. Wider range in limits-->more can consider it. "join" tourneys are filled faster.-

3International  damienmanic2007-10-12 14:28:04
anzarbond is quite good compared to the 1400-1600 rated people, his highest being 1766-

4Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-12 14:30:32
yes indeed, but i love playing him and as paying member i accept his apply.-

5United  lavongsa chess2007-10-12 21:49:15
hmm...can I join? The majority of the time I am below just so happens I am currently at 1612. :-(-

6United  lavongsa chess2007-10-12 21:49:52
haha, my fault, appears to be full. Ignore me please. -

7United  lavongsa chess2007-10-12 21:51:49
hmm...ignore 6. It is not full. You may be asking...."what is wrong with lavongsa chess?"

I don't know.

can I join?

8Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-12 22:01:32
yes you can join, just apply.
if i know you from the forum it doesn't matter which rating you have.

9International  damienmanic2007-10-12 22:07:29
Really? that's scary, what if jaskier applies-

10United  lavongsa chess2007-10-12 22:28:37

Thanks lonnerke.

11Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-13 11:03:14
i guess jaskier's rating is over 1650 so i have to dissappoint him. lavongsa chess highest rating is 1618 and mine starts to get close to it!!!!
So i don't see why he shouldn't join.
damienmanic: you're welcome too if you want more games

12International  damienmanic2007-10-13 11:08:55
Oh i wasn't refering to lavongsa chess, instead to this

if i know you from the forum it doesn't matter which rating you have.

13Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-13 13:04:59
yes, as long as it's under 1650.
But it's just i like to play players from the forum.
Still need 5 players!

14United  lavongsa chess2007-10-13 13:09:46
hmmmmmmmmmm.......thanks again lonnerke!!-

15International  damienmanic2007-10-13 15:13:15
Thanks for the invitation lonnerke. I have almost 50 games, and with the team champs coming up-- an additional 18 sounds too much right now, but if it's not full next week, perhaps? I'll see if i get some games finished (and won) soon-

16Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-14 14:26:35
still need for 3 more, this will work
i don't like it when tourney isn't full within a week; tourneys with name CHILE still need 9 players!!! jaskiers tournaments are also still on the list

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