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Player: Thailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Tournament Limitations

2007-10-17 08:49:45
As many of you know I have been running The Derman Dragon and Sicilian tournments. One of the reason I joined the sites is because I have the ablity to run many tournaments which is listed as one of the premium enticements.

Well apparently there is a limitation of only 20 tournaments started at one time. I have written to the support e-mail and have not been given a response to why this is so. I though that if they won't answer that maybe someone on here can get the answer. I cannot find a limitation in any FAQ that is on this board.


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1United  Surf-32007-10-17 08:57:03
You may be one of the few people who are good enough to be able to organise that many tournaments at once.....Try petitioning support The limitation may be purely how many tournaments can physically be run at one time. More than 20 to me looks like too many, but I could be mistaken...Good Luck.-

2Thailand  derman53ChessHere Gold Member2007-10-17 09:21:21
I tried writing to them but have not received a response. Does anybody answer questions at Chess

3International  damienmanic2007-10-17 10:38:47
Like I once said earlier, it took the support team 10 days to reply my issue. This was in September though.-

4United  Ron1002007-10-19 02:32:39
I am in my first tournament. There does not seem to be a table anywhere where you can see how you are doing in the tournament. Is there a way to keep track of your statis?-

5International  damienmanic2007-10-19 02:36:07
Click my tournaments on the left. You'll find the tourney and click that and voila - you got the stats! Atleast you should..-

6United  Ron1002007-10-22 23:23:52
Thank you, I found it.-

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