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Player: United  eucid Subject: Tournament Slow Players

2007-10-18 09:49:51
Why is there always one person in a tournament who take much longer than everyone else?
I'm in a tournament of 6 people and have completed all my games expect two.... and they happen to be against the same person.
Also, this person hasn't finished any of their games... why is this?
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1Australia  cc13669115662007-10-18 09:53:46
well it is thier right to use all the allocated time ;-0-

2United  eucid2007-10-18 09:56:49
yes it is, but I find it odd that it seems every tournament has one of these players.-

3Latvia  Amos2007-10-18 10:55:00
Yes, that is indeed strange. Even stranger is that in every tournament there is going to be someone who will finish his games first. And there is gonna be someone who will get more points than other players. Amazing thing!-

4Canada  snowowl2007-10-18 13:44:18
You are so right Amos, pick a tourney with the right amount of days per move, and then enjoy, all the other stuff is just plain whine and cheese...

Oh and while i'm at it, i figured out how to do well in tourney's,

Don't time out any games, that way i'm not last as some one else usually does this,

Win / Lose at least 50/50, and this put's me in the middle of the pack at least,

Beat every player at least once and this puts me in the top third of the group,

Beat two, three and maybe four of the players on both boards, and first place is quite possible now...

And if i finish ten out of ten , so what , they were probably some amazing boards which i learned something from anyway...

5Latvia  Amos2007-10-18 14:10:54
Heh, I just recently "won" a tourney with +8 -2, while the guy who beat me in both games finished with +10 and... took the second place. Only today did I notice that I was awarded the medal for that tournament.
Turns out nickx won two games by timeout and they weren't counted, while I managed to beat the timeout guy in time

Now I feel like a Bush after the 2004. elections... I just hope nickx will get some other prize instead. Nobel Peace Prize or something...

6United  mattias252007-10-18 16:33:02
correction....bush after 2000 elections. 2004 he was head and shoulders over Kerry.-

7Latvia  Amos2007-10-18 17:06:28
Yes, my mistake, thanks for the correction.-

8United  blake786132007-10-18 17:40:42
If they play too slow they will timeout. If there are not timing out they are not playing too slow.

A strong player told me. If you lose a game and you still have time left on your clock, you obviously didn't think enough about your moves.

9Canada  snowowl2007-10-19 02:29:08
Wow, food for thought for sure....-

10United  yitwail2007-10-19 08:43:48
if you take the analogy with time on the OTB chess clock literally, you have to spend something like the number of days per move divided by the total number of games you're playing on each move. (for instance, if it's 3 days a move, and you have 3 active games, you should spend an entire day on each move.) maybe that's why i'm not winning all my games. -

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