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Player: Slovenia  Rajko Subject: Team cancell

2007-10-23 14:37:29
I open a team Slovenija 2 and now I want to closed. How can I do that?-
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1Syria  Banias2007-10-23 14:50:09
You can close it only by telling the site owner or admin to do that,which is can`t be now cuz nobody here really.-

2Netherlands  Yenman2007-10-23 15:07:06
You cannot delete a team.-

3Slovenia  Rajko2007-10-24 09:25:39
Thank you. Now I need to know how to start team
games? As a capetan of team I send challenges but games not started yet. What is the problem?

4Syria  Banias2007-10-24 11:43:18
You should wait till the other captain approve the games.
And you can`t start another team if you already have one.

5Slovenia  Rajko2007-10-24 15:18:00
I did not start another team I just meant that now one will join my team. Now one compatriot
join the team and I dont want to close it.
Thanks for answer.

6Belgium  lonnerke2007-10-24 15:47:15
i sended you challenge.
i guess most players are allready in a team, if you send message to players who are active (but the captain has not logged in for a while) you can ask them if they are interested in your team.

Under players you can search everyone from your country and then PM them to ask if they want to join your team.
( i did that and result is 3 belgian players from inactive "team belgium" joined my team)

7Syria  Banias2007-10-24 16:00:06
Yes definitly,players like to be invited personally to the team,it makes them feel important.-

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