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Player: Sweden  mattafort Subject: Brooklyn Variation of Alekhine's Defence, 2... Ng8

2006-01-21 04:11:49
Position after : 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Ng8

This strange knight move is called the Brooklyn Variation of Alekhine's Defence (or the Retreat Variation).
It was first played by Albin against Nimzowitsch back in 1905.
It is hard to believe, but Black can obtain a solid position out of this variation,
and databases show that Black actually scores over 50% with this line.
White will keep a space advantage, but Black can keep a solid position.
The g8-knight will usually make its home on e7 now.

White's options are the following:
3. d4 - this is the best and recommended move.
Black plays 3... d6 with attack at white e5-pawn
3. Nf3
3. b3
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1South  jamesinbusan2006-01-21 05:18:18
Looks interesting...but I worry about the stats. With a lot of unusual lines, they may be really bad but they get a 50+% score because it's usually used by strong players hoping to get out of theory against weaker players.

I play the Modern (1..g6), so I find this with many of the lines I play!

2Sweden  mattafort2006-01-21 08:12:49
you are right
maybe black can score 40%, at max

3Albania  Intelligent2006-01-22 12:15:29
To players of 1750 and 2000 rating,

If anyone of you is willing to play in a real time chess, let me know, send me a message!


4United  Alekhine2006-01-22 12:27:36
Fritz 9 says +1.00
Crafty 19.19 says +0.70
Comet B50 says +0.85
If you want to give them a centre, play the modern,Nimsowitsch,pirc,French. Ng8 losses alot of tempo, white is on move 3 black is on move 1, white has a centre.

5Sweden  mattafort2006-01-22 20:11:00
Ng8 I have played.
You may think it looks bad,
but it is well inline with the strategy of Alekhine Defence.
-Avoid get any weak spots or targets for white.
-Let him put up his center pawns.
-Attack his center.

I have played it.
It gives a solid position.
Certainly no bad defence.
Has also been used by wellknown classical players, as well as in later time.

If you learn more about this opening and test it real play,
I am sure you will be a better judge.

It is a nice alternative, if you want to confuse your opponent!
And if you want to try something new and different.
( When you have played other defences 217 times )


6United  malbase2006-01-23 11:10:54
Stats on the Brooklyn Variation of Alekhin's Defence:
1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Ng8
3. d4 White has won 70% of the time. Black:17.6%
3. Nf3V Pushkar vs Yuchtman, 1964 0-1
3. Nc6 J Van der Tuuk vs G Welling, 1989 1/2-1/2
as compared to
2.- N-d5 the stats are good for Black.
White out of 2000+ games: 38.++ Black: 32.8+ Drawn: 29.6%
which is better result.
From probably mostly GM results,

Alekhine once said:
DO not make moves of Grand masters, (or any moves for that matter, without knowing why). Copying moves of GM because
the moves offer good results, or the moves are "different" is
not how to play chess. See Kotov's Think Like A Grandmaster
in the Alegebraic edition, page 46ff.

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