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Player: Canada  BenoitDarisse Subject: Tournament glitch?

2007-10-25 15:15:07
Hi everyone, I was just wondering... Have a look at that.

Player number 5 (Zema du Zema) and player number 8 (thotares) do not play against each other. How is that possible? Is it possible that one player ignored the other which causes that they don't play against each other?

Anyone got any idea about that?
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1Switzerland  groblnjar2007-10-25 15:34:44
Ask Scoates...
Sorry... only a joke

2France  Stahp2007-10-25 15:50:02
If you look at the finished game of the two players, you will see that those games where played and lost by thotares due to a timeout.
I don't know why we can't see them in the tournament table.... And I think we'll never have the answer...


3International  StefanLaasch2007-10-25 16:04:12
This is a serious problem! This tournament could not be finished. Look here: There was a bug in the server a few weeks ago. This could be the reason for this.


4United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2019-04-05 03:25:55
I just opened a new tournament to see if we can get
it to work. The name to join is:

Test Tournament 1

3 days/move, all players are welcome and there are only 7 open spots left. Please join so we can get these tournaments going again!


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