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Player: Saudi  ANZARBOND Subject: Medals

2007-11-18 17:42:53
Their is a need of a new table on player page of medals.Like Moves /games/finished game/rating also need of Medals.This table given thie player information of how many medals he have and in chesshere who win the maximum number of tournaments.
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4Saudi  ANZARBOND2007-11-19 17:44:37
You are right filipepsantos; But it is a prize of your hard work .This problem also we solve by grouping of A, B, C, D ,E and F Rating groups; Like less then 1200 , 1400 ,1600 , 1800 , 2000, and more then 2000 Tating winners of six or more then six players tournaments.

5United  goldyluck2007-11-20 05:23:52
Jaskier is not only a top rated player but also courteous towards other players. He has no complains , demands , nor whines on how things done here .

6Saudi  ANZARBOND2007-11-20 17:00:26
I played 10 games against Jaskir , which all i lost. During game somany time he gives me tips and shows my mistake.No dout he is not only a good player butalso a good human big .Lost of Jaskir a great lost to chesshere.com.