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Player: India  raman gill Subject: why mostly boys play chess

2007-11-20 13:52:27
why the number of girls who like chess is far less than the number of boys.
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29Canada  snowowl2007-11-21 21:36:23
Oh Czar... ouch...

I'm male, a nurse in my profession, we, that is us boys, probably run ten to fifteen percent of the gender in the hospital that i work in.

Smartness is definitly not gender specific. However i do enjoy working with "smart" girls, the more smart people working with me, makes us all think smarter, that's a bonus for me, i become just a tad more clever, my patients think im bright, my doctors respect us smarter nurses, they think my floor, is more than capable of performing well, so providing your comment was not just "tongue in cheek", or maybe "finger up the arse" i'd definitly rethink your statement...

Some of our girls on this chess site, i'm sure could soundly thrash many males on this site.

And oh... to bad there are not more of them, so back to the original question, why not more of the opposite gender playing chess...

30Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2007-11-21 22:50:20
HAHAHAHAHAHA oh man, you guys crack me up..."..males are simply more intelligent." And you're telling me that we live in the 21st century?

31Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2007-11-21 23:37:19
If you take into consideration the fact that gender doesn't influence intelligence, cloudoffshore, then you might realize that the reason males are better chessplayers is because their spatial abilities are more thoroughly developed and it is this factor that makes them better. Girls are better at analytical abilities, hence the reason they learn faster than boys during teenage years. Saying that guys are smarter than girls just proves your ignorance and their cunning, because most of the girls I've met know what they're doing and know how to get there. They don't mind the prejudice, in fact they find it beneficiary because it allows them to manipulate others...(not all girls, just the ones I've met.)

32India  raman gill2007-11-26 07:37:43
"men have brain,intelligence,wisdom

women have beauty"

33Saudi  ANZARBOND2007-11-26 21:54:14
The majority of the boys not prove that girls not intrested in chess.Thanks god girls are busy in buty and fashion... If they started playing chess .... no one stop them...

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