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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: Major snowstorm @ my front door today!!

2007-12-04 00:35:34
This morning i had to bring my daughter back to university, the weather was atrocious with a major snow dumping about 30cm overnight. Had to leave @ 05Hrs, tried to barrel through our driveway and promptly got stuck, which took about twenty mins, to shovel out and be on our way. The roads where not plowed initially and didn't see a plow, until at least thirty mins on our way, which made very slow going...

Made it safely with no complications and in hindsight , kinda enjoyed ourselves...

May i inquire, what kinda weather chesshere players, are experiencing today or tomorrow for that matter where you live?
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14Canada  snowowl2007-12-04 00:42:04
And oh, gotta add, never seen a snowplow slide off the road until today, it happened a very short distance from our residence, and currently two large tow trucks still haven't righted or retrieved it back onto the road... lol.

Also what opinion do winter drivers have in r/t special winter tire vs. all season tires. The extra expense i find steep, so personally i'm sticking with the all season's...