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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

2007-12-04 16:00:32
I have been condemning illegals , talk bad about them , wanted them to be deported and prosecuted until I saw them in person. They seem to be very productive with a toddler on a stroller, a baby in thier arms and pregnant. What these people up to? Is my heart displaced? or we are confronting wrong people? instead of the government of the country where they are from?
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16International  Milan19862007-12-06 03:05:36
I'd like to add I've never met more close-minded people than in this country...God bless America!!!

17International  Milan19862007-12-06 03:57:44
I can very well argue that I'm more open-minded than the masses, but no I can't "feed all the people in the world" because I wasn't born a Rothschild. I'm a citizen of planet Earth, and in that sense, boundaries do not exist, as you will see in the next decade or so...you won't be complaining about illegal immigrants when they're carrying the same ID's you will be in the future. People in this country have no idea of what's going on, and that is why I argue they're close minded. What the people think the government is doing and what it's really doing are as different as night and day.

18United  goldyluck2007-12-16 17:54:30
What makes these illegal immigrants horny? Thier women cannot stop giving births and who they expect to pay for thier education, food, clothing and shelter? We should stop the problem by unfertilizing them as soon as we caught them crossing the borders .