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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: WILDPLAYER and his KOSOVO.

2008-02-25 19:07:23
Who doesn't remember Wildplayer in chesshere? Absolutely not me...he was a piece of work and extremely intreque but all along he was sending a message of his county's desire to be independent. His story of being in the front of war zone and his friends and relatives died before his eyes...I can only imagine his struggle to stay sane.

I do not want to be part of it but was just touched what I saw at CNN where they showed serbs demonstrations in protest of UN recognizing KOSOVO as an iidependent country...." WILDPLAYER'S KOSOVO " .. a one man voice in chesshere.
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1International  damienmanic2008-02-25 19:25:56
I the people of Kosovo want it, then serbins have no say in it.-

2International  damienmanic2008-02-25 19:26:52

3Belgium  lonnerke2008-02-25 22:08:16
hold on for a sec, wildplayer was a serbian right?

Did he had something against the indepence of Kosovo? Do you guys have somenthing against that?

I'm just confused by the words/sentence construction you used. (as non-english-native speaker)

I myself knew some people that immigrated more then 10 years ago to Belgium and stayed in a ' church kinda thing' the children ( one of my age) went to our school so i getted to know them really good. I know their was a war overthere, and understand there "cry" for indipendence.

The people overthere are not just a minority that you can call serbians. To me they are a country on there own.

4United  goldyluck2008-02-26 04:38:34
Wildplayer claimed to have fight for Kosovo's independence so that means he is from kosovo.-

5Netherlands  Yenman2008-02-26 18:55:11
You are all confused. Wildplayer is born in Bosnia and he moved to Croatia.-

6Cambodia  chesslo2008-02-27 06:26:44
wow, i think we should ask him, instead of guessing ourself-

7Germany  playback2008-02-27 11:04:32
If Wildplayer was fighting (if he was) for Kosovo Independence, he is not a Serb (thatís for sure).-

8Germany  playback2008-02-27 11:18:53
If he really did the fight for Kosovo to be free, he has a reason to celebrate now. Kosovo got what deserved always, his freedom from Serbia, FOREVER.-

9England  jonny__b2008-02-28 13:29:24
all of this politics is nothing but pointless B/S and I dont see why anyone cares about if their country is 'recognised by the UN' people need to get real and stop worry about pointless crap and start looking at real problems like poverty and famine and suffering and landmines and things-

10Germany  playback2008-03-03 08:56:44
To solve this problems; poverty... a state (epecially a new state) needs a recognition and support from UN and others>

11England  jonny__b2008-03-03 15:50:21
well I for one would still offer any support I can muster to someone living in poverty and wouldn't need a technicality like whetehre or not the state is recognised by officials. The UN should still support these people, even without the official recognition-

12England  jonny__b2008-03-03 15:51:07
and i doubt they are looking for handouts eitehr, they are more concerned with patriotism and other meaningless human inventions-

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