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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: WILDPLAYER and his KOSOVO.

2008-02-25 19:07:23
Who doesn't remember Wildplayer in chesshere? Absolutely not me...he was a piece of work and extremely intreque but all along he was sending a message of his county's desire to be independent. His story of being in the front of war zone and his friends and relatives died before his eyes...I can only imagine his struggle to stay sane.

I do not want to be part of it but was just touched what I saw at CNN where they showed serbs demonstrations in protest of UN recognizing KOSOVO as an iidependent country...." WILDPLAYER'S KOSOVO " .. a one man voice in chesshere.
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12United  goldyluck2008-02-26 04:38:34
Wildplayer claimed to have fight for Kosovo's independence so that means he is from kosovo.