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Player: England  jonny__b Subject: Pirc Practice Tourneys

2008-02-28 13:47:07
Check out my tourneys. I started them so I can practice the pirc and need lots of players of all strengths...

This one is for beginers:

This one is for intermediates:

There will be more coming soon and as soon as I have finished read all the material I have on the austrian attack and I am satisfied that Im a pro I will begin the next phase of my plan by starting some classical pirc tourneys (and lastly by starting some regular pirc games)
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1International  ccaacccc2008-02-28 13:56:38
is there a rating limit?-

2England  jonny__b2008-02-29 13:34:48
unfrotunately there is and your way too high but the last torney I was intending to set was for 1700+ so you'll be able to enter that one as soon as one of my old trouneys finish and Im able to start a new one-

3England  jonny__b2008-02-29 16:30:11
is anyone interested in playing some austrian attack RTC games??? I need to practice practice practice until Im a pro with both 5...c5 and 5...0-0. I have some good reading material but haven't got anywhere near the end yet so I need to keep playing and playing while working my way through and putting the idea's into pracice and playing through the tactical variations. The thing with the austrian attack is its a lot of theory that you have to remember and concrete variations to learn so if someone makes a wrong move and strays from teh variations I have to be able to calculate oTB why there move is not appproved of in the Pirc world and tahts the tricky part. Ive already seen some interesting moves in my tourney games but for the next 6months I am onloy going to play austrian attack games. Once I have finished the book and feel like im a pro I will move on to the next chapter in my book and keep goign like that until I am a master with the pirc. At this rate it will be 5 years before I am a pro with the pirc and then I have to consider that I also need to learn many other openings before my repertoire is complete but hey, once Im sorted with each opening Ill be able to use it OTB and by the time Im 30 I should be a pro with all openings and I can start workon middle and endgames-

4England  jonny__b2008-02-29 16:37:00
btw anyone know any good books taht teach me how to play austrian attack from whites perspective?????-

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