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Player: United  meggie Subject: Code

2008-03-02 00:52:23
TO anywone that can figure out my code, reply back with the same code! Good Luck!

Haydnoy oroogd weuita????
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1United  dub_ant2008-03-02 01:15:20
Idnehay aogloro miwlweu????-

2United  1Bryan2008-03-02 01:31:02
Tiavi caphs enonu irtdd zsyee zrleesting.-

3United  meggie2008-03-02 03:36:06
nope sry not the code:

yavyotu orecshg uerleoh

If anyone wants to know the rule email me....

4International  damienmanic2008-03-02 03:50:06
Love codes, but they take so much time and energy...-

5United  meggie2008-03-02 03:52:31

6United  meggie2008-03-02 03:55:07

Idnrtetno aogeylhku miptwlay.

7United  1Bryan2008-03-02 06:46:08
Tniubho htsseed ehmttce.-

8Austria  anakin2008-03-02 10:36:26
ireeaatc listndeo odlhdddd vdiaiite elktmcos!!-

9United  Smaug2008-03-02 14:55:28
Is this a code or a cipher?

10United  meggie2008-03-02 22:38:31
Its a mix of both....and so far only two people have cracked it! Congrats to you!-

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