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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: Chess Tourn-ments : missing letter a.

2008-03-03 01:05:55
I think this typo can easily be corrected otherwise the new version of chesshere is just fine.-
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1United  WarrenW2008-03-03 01:09:28
Also 'Install ChessHere Tollbar' ;)

Just a couple of typos.... and the new site is TERRIFIC!

2Canada  snowowl2008-03-03 02:01:17
site looks just fine...
would chess teams/my team be a good addition?

oop's , Site looks fantastic, ah that's better.

3United  goldyluck2008-03-03 15:06:20
would chess teams / my team be a good addition ? absolutely good snowowl but we can only suggest.

we are subject to our own opinion cuz i like the simplicity of the older version better.

4England  jonny__b2008-03-03 15:18:25
Indeed i aggree with goldy-

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