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Player: United  dbr Subject: Idea for TIMEOUT ratings indicator

2008-03-03 23:16:17
Amir, This idea game to me regarding the discussion on Timeouts. I think everyone agrees claiming a win by timeout is not as clean as a checkmate/resignation win.

This idea is two fold:
1. for players whose EOS advances due to timeout win claims.
2. for players whose EOS decreases due to timeout loses.

Have a rating scheme where every player has two banks of five stars. Say one star bank colored gold for timeout wins and one colored silver for timeout losses. The star banks would be similar to the star banks used on Amazon.com for product reviews.

How it works: A play never claims any wins due to the opponent timing-out; All five stars are solid gold. One fifth of a players wins are due to wins claimed because of an opponent timing out; 4 stars are solid gold while one is white. Etc.

Likewise for a player who has losses due to timing out. Say, three fifths of their lost games are due to timing out, then two solid silver stars and three white stars indicating the quantity lost due to timeouts.

Using this method players could get a quick visual on their opponents quality of play regarding timeouts.

I think I could write a demo script that would further illustrate the concept if you and your site programmers would be interested. Let me know. Also, further commentary from other players both pro and con is appreciated.


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8United  dbr2008-03-03 23:54:32
Maybe so DM.

Where can I find those stats? I might have missed them. On the profile page?


9United  dbr2008-03-04 00:00:47
You're right DM: Timeouts 2(1%)
I've never noticed that before. Those two I got were due to the server crashing. That is something Amir should wipe the slate clean on.
Thanks for pointing that out. I guess that's what happens when someone is too busy to give someting due diligence. My bad.

10United  dbr2008-03-04 00:08:29
Man! What did you do to your face? It looks like you just crawled out of a grave...

I really don't like collecting timeout wins and that was a fluke that cost me the losses.

11United  dbr2008-03-04 00:55:04
That is another good point Tim. Sometimes it is pretty obvious you have a win going and the other player just abandons the game. That would be harder to code. Plus, players like that usually have several other games they timed out with other players. As the other players collect timeout wins, the points you'll get will be reduced than if you just took the 1st opportunity to claim a win.
Interesting puzzle. Not sure of a good solution.

Life does go on DM, and like they say, "100 years from now will it really matter?" I'll check out the new Pic.

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