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Player: United  1Bryan Subject: Bloggers?

2008-03-21 04:14:49
Do any of you writers have your own blog? I am just wondering because some of you write here every day and maybe we all would like to read your thoughts on your blog.-
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1International  damienmanic2008-03-21 04:23:13
I don't have a blog. But could someone tell me the idea for keeping a blog? I've never really understood why one would be interested in reading someone else's (mundane?) thoughts. That said, I haven't really read alot of blogs, so...

If someone knows a very good blog, I'd be interested in having a peek.

2United  1Bryan2008-03-21 04:48:55
damienmanic, they can be just like this forum. Some writers debate their readers or they may agree with the writer. You can blog about anything.-

3United  Tim D2008-03-21 05:22:09
I just write here while I am waiting for my opponent to make their move. No blog.-

4South  Anihalator2008-03-22 11:28:45
My blog is

5United  Ray Duque 32008-03-29 01:30:52
Yes, I have a blog here and outside of this chesshere. If you want to see my blogs here, just click the Blogs above at the left side and you will see my Blogs, my web sites. You can click my web sites and visit it.

I have another blog. This is the address:

Enjoy looking at it.


Ray Duque III (GM-IBD)
New York City

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