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Player: France  Kid A Subject: Non-official Chesshere World Championship

2006-03-06 15:33:29
Hello !

I would like to organise a non-official Chesshere World Championship, which would start at the May 1st. If you want to play this championship : send me a message or a mail to
Please pass the message !

Bonjour !

Je souhaiterais organiser un championnat du monde Chesshere non-officiel, qui commencerait le 1er Mai. Si vous voulez participer, envoyez-moi un message ?
Faites passer le message svp !
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1International  Majnu2006-03-06 15:45:45
Good idea! Can you tell us more about it?
What system? Knock-out?
On this server? In that case, you could contact Khaled to help you organize. It could get an special section on the site for example.

2Poland  Mekk2006-03-06 16:07:19
Hmm, Khaled organizes Chesshere Championships (click 'Championship' in left menu). What would be the difference?-

3International  Majnu2006-03-06 16:41:37
You are right Mekk. I hadn't noticed that button.-

4Poland  Mekk2006-03-06 16:45:55
In case you are still interested in doing 'something', there is still a room for organizing *team* tournaments (or maybe even championship).-

5France  Kid A2006-03-06 22:49:12
I know there is an official championship. But my system would be different : national and zonal qualifications for example, and world final.

What do you think about it ?

6France  BoaConstrictor2006-03-06 23:16:11
Hello Kid A/ Bonjour!
This idea seems interesting, why not talking about it to the site admin, perhaps he 'll found it interesting./Je trouve cette id?e int?ressante, vous devriez en parler ? l'administrateur du site, ?a va peut-?tre l'int?resser.
A bientot!

7Philippines  Hitman2006-03-07 09:23:07
I agree with Mekk. The idea regarding a team tournament, somewhat similar to an Chess Olympiad! Now, that is really interesting. I am sure plenty of teams would like to join this.-

8France  Kid A2006-03-07 13:35:05
I can make a team world championship instead of an individual one ! By example, each country would send me a list of its participants, and I ask the admin to make this tournament !

Je peux toujours faire un championnat du monde par ?quipes plut?t qu'individuel ! Par exemple, chaque pays m'enverrait une liste de ses participants, et je demande ? l'admin de r?aliser ce tournoi !

9Australia  cc13669115662006-03-07 13:50:24
oui le par equipe me semble etre une meilleure idee Peut etre que l equipe de france acceptera ma candidature

10France  Kid A2006-03-07 15:38:12
Toutes les candidatures seront accept?es. Les inscriptions se feront indivuellement et des ?quipes sp?ciales (que j'orgniserai) se feront pour le tournoi.
Appel ? participation jusqu'au 30 avril !

All the candidatures will be accepted ! You have to subscribe individually and I will organize special teams, for the tournament.
You can ask for participate until April 30th !
PS : Sorry, my english is not perfect !

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