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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: What's In A Message?

2008-04-12 19:04:19
Do you really care on how a message is written or what it means? Do you prefer a well gramatically correct message with bad meanings and intentions or a message with poor grammar but good meanings and intentions?

I go for what's in a message though the messenger is struggling to put his words together.
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7United  1Bryan2008-04-12 22:47:15
I do like a message that has been looked over for misspelled words. It can't be a good message if it is hastily written and sent without the writer having once read it over. I'm also annoyed by sloppy penmanship. The art of writing seems to be dying.

8United  goldyluck2008-04-13 00:19:17
to post #2:

if i'm single and a single english speaking guy will text me "i luv u " i won't take it serriously...but if a single russian guy will send the same text i'll consider because he may not know how to spell it right.

9United  Ray Duque 32008-04-14 21:39:50
I prefer both goldyluck.

Ray Duque III
New York City

10United  goldyluck2008-04-16 02:34:59
Some message will never be understood if you send it to a damn person...be it grammatically correct or wrong.

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