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Player: Albania  Intelligent Subject: Championship

2006-04-03 13:02:39
Dear Manager of

It has been more than a month ago since we started the first championship at

I guess the first circle already was played and in meantime the second circle is far away to start. Please let us start the second, and the final circle of championship as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,
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1Germany  generals0072006-04-03 16:10:29
and when will the 3rd championship start?-

2France  Stahp2006-04-03 20:22:49
A game is in progress in the first round of the first championship :

We have to wait !

3Philippines  Jeffrey V2006-04-05 06:50:57
Round 2 of the first's championship has started...-

4United  rstanley2006-05-10 20:21:28
For the 3rd Championship, what are the time controls, and how many games are there in each round?-

5International  Majnu2006-05-10 20:38:14
See: Help&FAQ >> Championships.-

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