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Player: Portugal  FernandoCarlos Subject: To who would you like to say check-mate?

2008-06-25 22:38:06
As the title suggests I would like to know who you would like to say check-mate? I personally said to violence, war, hypocrisy ...-
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1United  BOBAK2008-06-26 00:31:36
Global warming.-

2Canada  Daio672008-06-26 02:38:06

3International  cc12418155002008-06-26 02:42:04
Amir Bagheri-

4United  lavongsa chess2008-06-26 02:52:27
Nice one corrie. Taking Fernando\'s approach, I say arrogance. Cannot stand it!! :-) Like to say mate to one who believes he cannot lose.-

5United  lavongsa chess2008-06-26 02:52:34
or she...-

6United  goldyluck2008-06-26 12:35:40
i would like to say checkmate to intimidation.-

7Viet  wallythebutcher2008-06-26 14:27:45
Deep Blue-

8United  MikeonChess2008-06-27 01:19:56
to my ex..-

9Portugal  viriol2008-06-27 18:35:08
José Mourinho!-

10Netherlands  Rene Teunissen2008-06-28 07:30:53
Mugabe, one who believes he cannot lose and who intimidates \"his\" people, is very arrogant and let people of \"his\" country suffer.-

11International  Davey Jones2008-06-28 08:07:13
My Lieutenant-

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