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Player: United  dbr Subject: Logout bug

2008-08-16 01:28:11
I like the new menu layout and the return of the indicator that you have moves waiting. But,I see a logout bug still exists. You may logout, but when you return later you find yourself quite often logged in already. This is no problem on a personal computer that only you use, but accessing the site on a public computer presents a real security problem. 1). Are you aware of this problem Amir? 2). Is it being worked on? Otherwise, great site getting better all the time. Thanks!
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7United  dbr2008-08-21 16:49:17
I\'m on a public machine in a hospital with restricted access to cookies. As long as no one else goes to chesshere.com on this machine I guess I\'ll be okay when I leave. It\'s kinda hard being responsible for you password under a situation like this.