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Player: United  CurlyCoriolis Subject: Phelps or Cavic

2008-08-16 13:46:56
Phelps\' 7th gold medal of this year\'s olympics was unbelievably close! You had to see this race. Phelps won the race by one-hundredth of a second. If you saw the race who do you think won-
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1United  CurlyCoriolis2008-08-16 13:48:07
In my opinion I saw Phelps pull off the most outstanding swimming gold medal finish of all time-

2United  eucid2008-08-17 13:20:39
Phelps? Whose he? This Olympics is all about the Lightening Bolt!-

3United  CurlyCoriolis2008-08-17 15:34:04
We will see on the 200 meter...Bolt did blow me away with his show when I saw him last night. That was unbelievable-

4United  crogers2008-08-17 20:50:53
8 golds for Phelps. Simply amazing.-

5United  eucid2008-08-18 06:45:13
Have to admit Phelps is awesome too. I think it\'s the world record every second race which gets a bit annoying... unless it\'s a Brit who gets it. I think Bolt will win the 200, but haven\'t seen him run that since I competed with him 5 years ago. So don\'t know if he\'ll get the world record.-

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