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Player: Europian  BobMonkhouse Subject: WII chess

2008-09-05 12:50:50
Hi there, I was wondering if any of you have play WII chess, or own one etc... Basically is it any good? Answers on a post card. Ta-Bob-
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1Canada  RoeAntSte2009-09-21 20:53:47
never have-

2England  SpaceCat2009-10-18 10:10:17
yes i own wii chess its ok, 10 levels of play, the top levels are impossible for me to beat and they will challenge even the best play could be better cos there\'s only 2 time settings 5 mins and 20 mins. For me the major drawback with wii chess is that there is no set up mode where you can play from any desired position. I believe you can Fritz chess for the wii which i reckon might be a better purchase.-

3England  SpaceCat2009-10-18 10:56:58
sorry it\'s not very clear but there\'s a full stop between players and Online.. and i should of put the word buy in front of Fritz... Must do better next time. :)-

4Greece  Ghosty Square2009-10-18 11:49:26
I have both fritz and wii chess. Fritz is better in all ways except for the fact it lacks online play. But then, online wii chess isnt anything great either, not many players and most of them are very weak. Fritz has lots of features, like puzzles, historic games, and other stuff. Note however that it has a kiddie feel to it.-

5Italy  chry38412009-10-18 14:27:39
i have wii chess and don\'t like it much is better to play here-

6Europian  cc13741628192009-10-19 17:18:54
up a bit, stop, left, stop, right, stop, fire!-

7England  SpaceCat2009-11-02 21:22:44
is there any one out there who has beaten level 10 on wii chess?-

8Canada  FrippezMonTchu2009-11-02 21:47:14
Hi Bob; I knew you from another life. Glad you\'re still around. Was it when I was Acadieman, Fidel Castro, Raul_Castro. FrippezMonTchu, GeorgeWBush, Henri DeToi, Incorrigible, JeanVidchier, Krejasirima, LeChatdIran, Liger, PapePieVII or Sweetphoquekall-

9United  Impaler2009-11-02 22:02:52
yes i have beaten level 10!-

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