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Player: United  bluebluegreen Subject: good opening?

2008-09-17 07:12:13
i think i did alright until 13.Bf4 not sure that was the best idea. Any Ruy experts out there, please let me know if that was the right idea or if i had something better, etc. Thanks for the help.-
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1United  bluebluegreen2008-09-17 07:13:49
oops here is the game

2Australia  cc12636365042008-09-18 06:44:04
Interesting game. This is the open Ruy Lopez. I haven\\\'t played it much, so I can\\\'t tell you much, but it\\\'s rather intricate. One of the main lines goes as in the box. in the game you played, instead of 19.Bxc7, 19.Rxe7?

3United  blake786132008-09-18 15:28:21
Both 13 Bg5 and 13 Bxc6+, are stronger than 13 Bf4.-

4Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Moderator2008-09-30 00:58:06
This opning i never try but after looking this intresting game i will definently learn and play.Thanks for all effort you take to provide us the good and intresting game.-

5United  bluebluegreen2008-10-03 01:56:25
Systema thank you for showing the mainline and i didnt like 19.Rxe7 because of 19... b1 promoting. ANZ you always have something good to say, I love that about you. -

6Finland  C2-Robat2008-10-03 17:00:06

7Finland  C2-Robat2008-10-03 17:01:20

8United  ChessOak2008-10-10 18:10:24
@blueblue. I don\'t understand the 9. Nc3 move at all. seems a sacrifice without profit?-

9United  ChessOak2008-10-10 18:12:42
@blueblue: nevermind, I see it now.-

10International  jack79512008-10-11 21:19:48
To begin with ,youu are a pawn down!,but in my view much better shape, his bishop on b7can not move neither can the knight onc6 because it is pinnedn to the bishop, he has not castled yet ,he has aweak pawn on c7. isee no prolblem withB-f4, It attacks his Queen and now your rooks work together.I also like yor next move BxKn, then BxB,ok, I hate your next move , why are you trading Queens , your a piece down!!! I would have playedKN-d4 forking his queen and bishop, then QxQ ,RxQ now your Rook is on e2..... you are still attacking his bishoon c6 his pawn onc7and your can bring your rook on a1 to e1, now you are talking!!!!!-

11United  bluebluegreen2008-10-11 22:07:06
Thats very good analysis! Thanks jack. When your right your right!-

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