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Player: United  JPB Subject: RTC- lost my queen and came back

2008-09-19 04:29:44
This was a 10 minute RTC game in which I was black. I lost my queen for free with a careless move (16. ... Qxb2), but continued on, relying primarily on my doubled rooks
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1United  bluebluegreen2008-09-19 10:23:16
I enjoy a good comeback! I dont give up in blitz until there isnt even hope left. You nevr know!!! In this spirit im adding one of my comebacks. My opponent at the end let his time run down then dissconnected at the last second (very annoying ) I like to think at the end he disconnected because he was throwing his computer out the nearest window in a fit of rage lol

2United  JPB2008-09-21 10:33:35
Well played, bluebluegreen. Here is another 10 minute game I just played. My favorite part of this game was my bishop sacrifice to give my pawns a chance of reaching the end, which seemed very risky at the time, but worked out. He blundered at the end by moving his knight instead of taking my rook (which is why he resigned), but I\'m pretty sure the game would have been mine even if he had made the right move

3United  bluebluegreen2008-09-21 11:11:32
yup thats a beat down his pieces were all out of play -



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