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Player: Wales  Myrydin Subject: Advertisements.

2008-09-24 21:03:15
I\'ve just bought a new gold premium membership. So why am I still seeing advertisements at the top of my page?-
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1Wales  Myrydin2008-09-24 21:15:28
Looks like I\'ve found the answer - the benefits (of membership) kick in when you log in again. Sorry about that!-

2Wales  Myrydin2008-09-25 10:31:20
By the way, I had a few problems getting a membership last night because I\'m not used to paypal. A few e-mails to chesshere admin and they helped sort it out for me very quickly! Thanks to admin for their good customer service!-

3Australia  cc13669115662008-09-25 10:36:59
welcome Myrydin looks like adminchesshere is doing a great job-

4Wales  Myrydin2008-09-25 14:19:02
Thanks, Gumpteous, I agree.-

5International  cc12418155002008-09-25 15:50:23
I agree,but i think i would miss that \"zwinky\" girl a little!-

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