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Player: United  JPB Subject: Old game

2008-10-08 05:33:03
I played this game almost a year ago against a good friend of mine who usually beats me but didn\'t this time. I ran across this game while I was analyzing my older games for perspective (I\'ve found that remembering where I\'ve come from can help give me direction for the future). I noticed my playing style was much different then-
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1United  JPB2008-10-08 05:33:46
Oops, forgot to submit the PGN

2India  Corydon2008-10-08 07:38:48
A very well played game, Jesse. It is a bit difficult to analyze, but it seems that the player of the white pieces has played rather well upto the 30th move. Until here, he had considerable advantage, in both material and position. 30. ... Rxf3?! is dubious as it is a material sacrifice without a clear continuation. Though it enabled you to win, your continuation shows that it is a mistake. Wite can, by exchanging queens, obtain an endgame with overwhelming material advantage and numerous passed pawns. 34. ... Qf8! appears to be the winning move. I was not able to find a sufficient defence to it. ************************************* You said somewhere that you don\'t read much chess books. Really, it is time for you to start. Even though you have a natural playing style, you should read up on any aspect of the game that you like. Best of luck, and keep improving.-

3United  JPB2008-10-08 09:06:52
Thank you Corydon. Yes, he was winning until toward the end of the game. I suppose our upward and downward spirals in playing are opposite. Well there\'s no spectacular playing by me at the end, so I guess he just had a downward spiral :-P We\'ve both improved very much in the last year and we\'re still a decent match for eachother (although he wins more often than not). Fun games, regardless-

4United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-10-08 15:01:34
You need to find a single style that suits you! I remember earlier you were asking if your skills were declining. Well your skills may not be declining, but you maybe playing games you are not comfortable with.-

5United  bluebluegreen2008-10-08 22:46:05
Good comeback. It is all about fighting spirit!-

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