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Player: United  JPB Subject: Old game

2008-10-08 05:33:03
I played this game almost a year ago against a good friend of mine who usually beats me but didn\'t this time. I ran across this game while I was analyzing my older games for perspective (I\'ve found that remembering where I\'ve come from can help give me direction for the future). I noticed my playing style was much different then
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4United  JPB2008-10-08 05:33:46
Oops, forgot to submit the PGN

5United  JPB2008-10-08 09:06:52
Thank you Corydon. Yes, he was winning until toward the end of the game. I suppose our upward and downward spirals in playing are opposite. Well there\'s no spectacular playing by me at the end, so I guess he just had a downward spiral :-P We\'ve both improved very much in the last year and we\'re still a decent match for eachother (although he wins more often than not). Fun games, regardless