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Player: United  bluebluegreen Subject: I trapped his Queen, im evil!!!!

2008-10-09 02:58:53
This is one of my recent favorites. My opponent got into trouble early playing h6. I think next time i played him he played e6 instead and i was the one in trouble. Anyways, enjoy the game.
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1United  bluebluegreen2008-10-09 03:56:54
this was a 2 min rtc tourney game-

2United  ChessOak2008-10-09 05:39:13
Nice Q sacrifice. Perhaps he could have avoided the Q loss by playing c5? I know that he has lots of other problems, but you cannot directly capture the Q from where she is.-

3United  bluebluegreen2008-10-10 06:16:44
no reason to take his Q. By the time his Q can escape I will have promoted the b pawn. Thats the beauty of the position!-



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