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Player: United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member Subject: My pet peeve

2008-10-16 03:50:52
I understand that many not from the U.S., so this is not intended for you. My pet peeve is people using the wrong word. Loose has nothing to do with not winning. It is the opposite of tight. LOSE is what my opponents know the opposite of winning.-
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1United  shyland2008-10-16 11:19:35
What this forum needs is more of this kind of post.-

2International  cc12418155002008-10-16 14:26:13
I,ve loosed a few games in my time,probably because I,m not lose enough when I play but uptight instead.I have tried to correct this problem and find that I am now not loosing as many games as I used to loose!-

3United  blake786132008-10-16 17:20:47
corrie, since your not from the U.S., post doesn\'t apply to you.-

4International  cc12418155002008-10-16 19:30:57
LOL,sorry blake,but after checking IHATETHEPACKERS stats I find that it,s not only his opponents that loose games.He has loost a few games himself-

5United  WarrenW2008-10-16 20:48:35
I lose only my loose games. Although I must confess, I have lost a few tight ones.-

6International  cc12418155002008-10-16 20:55:41
Yeah me too Warren,loosing them tight ones really makes me loose my temper-

7Viet  wallythebutcher2008-10-16 23:29:50
I love when a post about bad spelling starts with bad grammar. I guess everybody makes mistakes.-

8International  cc12418155002008-10-17 14:18:06
Good point wally,we are all human i guess.-

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