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Player: Dominican  Astaroth11V Subject: That was close! *Phew*

2008-10-16 17:27:01
Oh man, I was like: \"Damn I\'ll lose this one\". But then, there was a light in the end of the tunnel. Check it out Astaroth11V vs phillipkingston RTC game.
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1United  bluebluegreen2008-10-20 16:40:59
Very tricky! Good Job

2Dominican  Astaroth11V2008-10-20 19:20:20
Thanks -

3Canada  donven172008-10-21 00:33:31
thats really nice man, pretty bad for ur opponent tho -

4Pakistan  Zubair822008-10-21 14:05:06
From your post\'s subject it appeared as if you did some really intellegent move at the end ...-

5Canada  donven172008-10-21 21:46:12
look how i got pretty well owned here :P

6Dominican  Astaroth11V2008-10-24 19:50:59
What color were you? And damn, black lost so much material and still won, nice! But very risky.-

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