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Player: Russian  nikita68 Subject: Alexei Cherepanov

2008-10-16 19:22:03
Anybody heard of him? He died during a hockey game in Russia from heart problems. Terrible. He was only 19, and was going to be a hell of a player.-
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1Australia  tkdreamin502008-10-16 20:26:23
I say it on the news, !-

2International  cc12418155002008-10-16 20:39:11
An investigation will be launched soon.Something like this is always preventable.A sad story indeed.-

3Russian  nikita682008-10-17 00:53:18
His life could have been saved. Negligence from the russian medical stuff played a major role in his death. Also, next time, they should at least have an ambulance in the ice rink, and not have to wait 20 min. for it to come.-

4United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-10-17 15:22:15
Worse yet is that there was not even a defibrillator on site. Anyone can buy one for less than $200. No excuse!!-

5Russian  nikita682008-10-17 19:13:54
I agree with you, IHATETHEPACKERS. Unfortunately, a lot of things are like that in Russia. They are able to pay big bucks to some of the players playing there, but cannot get a defibrillator. That, in my opinion, is just plain stupid. To compare, NHL had its accidents, with players like Jiri Fischer, and Richard Zednik, and luckily enough, their lives were saved.-

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