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Player: Philippines  Hitman Subject: Team Tournament (Similar to Chess Olympiad)

2006-04-27 09:39:42
Just want to know if the Chesshere community is interested for a team tournament. The tournament will be patterned to a chess olympiad (4 players per team). Seedings per team will be based on the 4 players ratings. If interested, can the team's captain reply with their possible line-up? We need to know who are the interested teams so that we may request Khaled to consider holding this type of tournament.-
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1United  Jagermeister2006-04-28 03:23:24
Would we really need to request a specific type of tournament ?

Or could we mearly post pairing here in the tournament fourum?

Reason being, i wouldnt wanna stress Khaled out with more programming to do on something that we could just post here...

let me know whatcha guys think...


2International  Majnu2006-04-29 10:30:57
I find it a good idea.
Could it be possible to send more than one team each?
I mean for example 2x 4 players or 3x 4 players. This so also the numbers 5 and lower can participate.

3Philippines  Hitman2006-04-29 11:42:05
That is a good suggestion, Majnu. For teams with plenty of members, we can assigned Team A and Team B. Or, maybe instead of 4 players per team, maybe we can go for 6 players per team as per your idea. But we need more teams to show their interest first for this tournament to fly-off!-

4Philippines  Jeffrey V2006-05-02 03:24:00
If there will be some sort of Team Olympiads, can it have some division same as the 2nd Chesshere Championship (1700+ & below 1700). Teams with no or less strong players may not be able to join and may not have the courage to join the team olympiad if their average players will face top rated players.

Some teams may not have strong players or some teams may not have weak or average players or mixed (same as ours).

My suggested team members in team olympiad is 3 players so many team can join. But I will let other players post their comments and see what's the most preferred.

5Singapore  Branz2006-05-03 13:18:41
So have this team tournament even started yet?-

6Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2006-05-04 10:21:10
organising such a tournament requires much programming, which means much time, unfortunately, I am very busy with other things at the moment...-

7Italy  Lorisino2006-05-04 13:44:33
I am ready to coordinate the Italian team.


8Philippines  Hitman2006-05-06 03:44:31
Thanks anyway Khaled. I understand the programming involved for this type of team tournament.
Atleast we gave it a try. This was a suggestion which we thought could add more prestige to this website.

9International  topspin892006-05-07 02:02:59
just post the pairings in this forum-

10Singapore  Branz2006-05-07 02:09:25
This team tournament can only happen if Khaled has the time to progame it right?-

11International  Majnu2006-05-07 10:51:55
Yes Branz, I think its the best if Khaled is the main organizer of an olimpiad. Lets be patient. -

12Singapore  Branz2006-05-08 09:27:22
Sigh... Ok. Think It be a long time till Khaled's free to do the progamming.-

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