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Player: International  jack7951 Subject: Team matches -timeouts

2008-10-28 00:30:34
I would like to hear how you feel about this. I recently have a few matches against players that I had played before,BUT one difference ...their ra ting now is well below(over 100 pts) what I had rememembered so I checked and thier drop was because of timeouts which had lowered their rating considerable. Probably though no fault on their own, they just could not play, BUT is this fair . I would think that team capt\'s try to get matches that are equl or so in rating,, Just thinking... maybe on team matches ratings should not drop because of timeouts . Losses should , but it does not seem right that their rating should..... I just do not know????-
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1International  jack79512008-10-28 00:44:44
ANOTHER point to think about , what if the timeouts occurred in so called meaningless non team games. this would be a big advantage to a team now that the payer has a much lower rating than his true ability-

2United  Svenfromntbym2008-10-28 06:42:04
Scary thought, lose/time out on purpose to adjust your rating so that when it comes to games you care about, your rating doesn\'t tell the whole story... *shudders*-



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