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Player: Australia  tkdreamin50 Subject: Game timeouts

2008-10-31 12:15:11
I am new to this site and already have 3 tomeout wins.In all 3 games I was either ahead or ready to checkmate my oppenent. my question is ....Is there any advantage to my oppenents in timing out instead of just resigning. To me it seems like poor spportmanship having someone wait until the time has expired. In all 3 cases , my oppenents were playing other games in the time frame. thank you-
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1United  blake786132008-10-31 14:45:49
Welcome to internet chess. This seems to happen on all sites. I guess timing out is easier on the ego. I have heard some players talk about their poor luck in timing out in games, even though they were on line playing in other games and making posts. It\'s good to look at an opponent\'s statistics and see how often they timeout before agreeing to play them.-

2United  WarrenW2008-10-31 15:46:48
Blake is absolutely correct - welcome to internet chess. When I see my opponent has a forced mate in a few moves, I simply resign. It amazes me how many players just time out when they are a move or two from being mated. Honestly, I think there is no point in that. Oh well - that\'s life.-

3Philippines  Snowfire2008-12-03 09:05:22
Here\'s an example... jamming (2039) : white Snowpuff (2026) : black [Event \"ChessCube Game\"] [Site \"\"] [Round \"?\"] [White \"\"] [Black \"\"] [Date \"2008.03.12\"] [Result \"1-0\"] He won by timeout. This was a 2min game.



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