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Player: Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury Subject: Corporate Business

2008-11-10 19:50:43
I was wondering on people\'s opinion on a topic that I\'ve been meaning to get off my mind; I live in Virginia (USA) and there\'s a tobacco giant named Philip Morris whose headquarters are stationed in the same city I go to school in. Since our university has medical research facilities, Philip Morris decided to found a cancer research facility whose purpose is to aid in the research and prevention of cancer. The worst part is that most people applaud this act of \"generosity,\" but even worse is that Morris makes pure profit from both sides of the spectrum because their main business supplies cigarettes to people who are addicted to nicotine and at the same time, supplies its research facility with plenty of organ donors on whom to experiment. This is just another example of big business taking over every aspect of our lives, and these scum actually have the tenacity to proclaim they\'re somehow doing everyone a favor. It wouldn\'t be so bad if it wasn\'t for the fact that most support this kind of business, and God forbid anyone get in the way of \"fair and balanced capitalism.\"-
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1United  WarrenW2008-11-10 20:00:40
You are saying that VCU should not accept funding from Philip Morris?-

2United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-11 15:13:55
Trying not to get political, the U.S. is a true capitalist country. We ban cyclomates <sp> years ago because faulty testing claimed it caused cancer in mice....if the mice consumed 10 times its weight of the product a day for a year, but we allow a product on the market that we know kills its users. We also subsidize the farmers who grow the killer weed. At the same time we FORCE the producers of the killer product to support advertising to NOT use their product. Why do we not just ban???? MONEY!!! The farmers in the South would go belly up.-

3Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2008-11-11 19:40:38
WarrenW, that\'s exactly what I\'m saying because that money is dirty and has been accumulated through other people\'s suffering. I can\'t say if I were in the same position that I would reject it because money has no morality, and I don\'t have much of it, but I can say that it\'s immoral that our school of business building is financed by other people\'s addictions.-

4United  IHATETHEPACKERSChessHere Silver Member2008-11-11 23:42:34
Harry, actually it is more like a sin tax. I am not familiar where you live, but here we tax the crap out of sin items such as liquor, cigerettes and use the money to convince people NOT to use these products. Again, welcome to caaptilism-

5Cayman  Incorrigible2008-11-12 02:15:49
Like the devil saying a prayer to save a soul.-

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