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Player: Philippines  Alice Rose Subject: Please help me analyze where I went wrong! :(

2008-11-28 13:59:16
Hello everybody :) This was my game: [Date \"2008.11.28\"] [Result \"1-0\"] luvyoulen (2259) - Snowpuff (2018) : 1-0 Please tell me where i went wrong-
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1Philippines  Alice Rose2008-11-28 13:59:54
Hello everybody :) This was my game: [Date \\\"2008.11.28\\\"] [Result \\\"1-0\\\"] luvyoulen (2259) - Snowpuff (2018) : 1-0 Please tell me where i went wrong

2Philippines  Alice Rose2008-11-28 14:02:40
Sorry the PGN at the top was an incomplete one. this is it :)

3Belgium  Nick552008-11-28 17:13:51
I will take the time to look better , but what I see is that your both bishops(especially the black one) has never come into play.-

4United  donf2008-11-28 17:55:04
I have to think it is 11. . . . gxf6. After that your dark-square bishop is bad for the rest of the game. White does a great job of working to make sure that this stays true. And you are forced to castle Queenside where your pawn defense is compromised. Maybe bxf6 would have worked out better.-

5United  Agreen852008-11-28 18:15:08
For me the decisive mistake is move 30 R e3. I would have preferred d4. This would have improved bishop position and pressurize the Rook on b4. You would still have had a difficult game but better chances than the line you played.-

6United  donf2008-11-28 18:39:27
or how about 17 . . . Qxd4?-

7United  donf2008-11-28 19:10:46
I assume that Agreen85 means d5. It is a pretty move, I think the pawn is a goner after 30.Rbd4, but it does seem to lead to some interesting possibilities.-

8Turkey  ookii2008-12-01 23:05:05
In general, I think your bishops stood too passively for a variation like this. In specific: 20...Rg8 seems dubious. I\'d rather stay with doubled rooks on c file and try something like a5-b4. 23...ef is another crucial choice. Winning the pawn did nothing but invited white pieces into play both vertically and diagonally. 29...Re3: Chasing the bishop gives nothing, I think. Altohugh I haven\'t analyzed in depth, 29...d5 seems more active and promising. Even a simple idea of moving the king out of b-file would be better, I believe. 33...Re5 seems to be the final crucial mistake. Here I recommend 33...Rb3 34.Ne7 Rf3 35.Nf5 Rf5 36. Be6 Rgg5 37.Bf5 Rf5. I think this endgame is very promising for a draw, if that result was in your mind. Here 33...Re2 is another alternative that needs analysis. After the intermezzo 37.Rc3+, game is over. -

9Philippines  Fubzz2008-12-02 13:56:06
I\'d say... this game was too much by the book. The Sicilian used by Snowpuff here was very well executed book-wise. Props to Snowpuff. This game was very nice. However, I can\'t help but notice you\'re always behind \'A\' move. White was too impassive, after move .21 Rg8, everything else was forced I love <3 Snowpuff. He\'s from the Philippines! :) Lol, this game was done from another site :)-

10Australia  cc12636365042008-12-02 15:59:00
Here is what I do see. I don\'t claim to be an expert in the Sicilian, but in the Sicilian Defence, it\'s often a hedgehog type formation with a d5 pawn break. When Black succeeds with that break, then black has made the breakthrough he needs to win(often enough), and this, for me, seems to work out. Looking at this game, 16. Nd4, then black could have made a break for it with 16....d5! and after that, black has the initiative provided he plays actively. 16. Nd4 actually shielded the d-file, which was, for the main part, under white\'s control. If you are playing the sicilian, you must observe the centre at all times, as it is not closed.-

11Philippines  Snowfire2008-12-02 18:46:20
lol thanks for the support Fubzz >.> :) Everything was locked. a center opening, if forced would ruin the Sicilian... please observe the white\'s game closely. He\'s giving no room for a sicilian offense after the rook\'s move was wasted. move 21. Rg8-

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