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Player: Slovakia  udanek Subject: my shortest CC game

2008-12-01 08:29:23
Hi friends, would you believe this can happen in a CC game?
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1Netherlands  Rene Teunissen2008-12-01 09:39:49
sometimes shit happens. You played which pieces??-

2Slovakia  udanek2008-12-01 10:02:34
I played white. But I think this may be a mistake of a chess novice who tries to develop some new opening. You know 1. e4 e5 is so boring...-

3Cayman  Incorrigible2008-12-01 15:09:23
Maybe your opponent thought he was playing anti-chess-

4Australia  cc12636365042008-12-01 17:02:25
|o| Well, there it is.Well, crap happens, that\'s why I don\'t play the Leningrad Dutch...too many white square weaknesses-

5Germany  carcdm2008-12-01 21:47:03
my coach once told me : never move your f-pawn in your openings; it\'s the weakest pawn on the planet.-

6Turkey  ookii2008-12-01 22:26:25
Incidentally, once I had such a similar win! -

7Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-02 00:19:23
To carcdm : I don\'t agree with your coach. I already seen players with white movimg first their f-pawn, and with good players, you usually don\'t have the chance to attack immediately their \"weaknesses\". Like in the king\'s gambit, wich require to move the f pawn, is a opening for attackers; 1.e4 e5 2.f4. 2...Qh4+ seems to be good, but like most of the checks, it\'s a bad move : 3.g3 and black lose a time with their queen. I play a lot of time with the king\'s gambit, and I rarely lose with this opening. And I think that it\'s dangerous only when you open too much lines. How to attack only one weakness? It\'s hard, because in defense, your opponent can easily protect his only weakness. But with two weaknesses, now it\'s desastrous, and it\'s almost impossible to defend two weaknesses at the same time. A basic example : how to stop two passed pawn with only a king? Impossible. If there is one pawn? Well it depends of the situation, like in many other positions. But I agree sometimes the f-pawn can be dangerous, but in another position, it can be the e-pawn. Chess have a lot of exceptions in it, and it\'s what it makes a tremendous game.-

8Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-02 00:20:52
And I forgot : the holland defense begins with 1.d4 f5, and it\'s a good opening too-

9Poland  sir M_Zwarycz2008-12-02 08:14:51
Last sammer I also saw a short game (in real game): 1.d4 f5 2.Bg5 h6 3.Bh4 g5 4. Bg3 f4 5. e3 fxg3 6. Qh5 - checkmate.-

10Viet  Hao Nhien2008-12-02 12:15:32
Bird\'s opening: 1. f4. It\'s one of my favorite openings.-

11Philippines  Snowfire2008-12-04 15:36:45
Paris Opening. played by white

12Philippines  MidKnightBlue2008-12-04 15:58:08
I agree with Blizzaror. It depends on how you play your f4. F file is usually powerful once the King rook is moved to F1 or castled in the king side. Like what Hao Nhien said, Bird\'s Opening with 1. f4 and King\'s Gambit with 1. e4, e5 2. f4 which usually leads into some variations and sometimes lead to Muzio Gambit.-

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