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Player: Slovakia  udanek Subject: my shortest CC game

2008-12-01 08:29:23
Hi friends, would you believe this can happen in a CC game?
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10Slovakia  udanek2008-12-01 10:02:34
I played white. But I think this may be a mistake of a chess novice who tries to develop some new opening. You know 1. e4 e5 is so boring...

11Malaysia  carcdm2008-12-01 21:47:03
my coach once told me : never move your f-pawn in your openings; it\'s the weakest pawn on the planet.

12Philippines  MidKnightBlue2008-12-04 15:58:08
I agree with Blizzaror. It depends on how you play your f4. F file is usually powerful once the King rook is moved to F1 or castled in the king side. Like what Hao Nhien said, Bird\'s Opening with 1. f4 and King\'s Gambit with 1. e4, e5 2. f4 which usually leads into some variations and sometimes lead to Muzio Gambit.