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Player: Bulgaria  ChessDreams Subject: One of my favorite games...

2008-12-06 21:39:56
Here is one of my favorite games... I\'m playing with whites...
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1Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-07 00:40:20
Here what I think about this game. If I was playing black, I would played 9...exd4 to forbid you the move 10.d5!, wich you missed. 11.a3 is not active : 11.d5 is still better. Black\'s 12th move was not the best : 12...exd4 forbid you again 13.d5, wich make you better on the positionnal plan. A thing I don\'t like in Black\'s game was 17...Bg5?!, because they miss the chance to control the \"c\" column. Rooks like open columns. You\'re really lucky at your 25th move : If I were Black, I would played 25...Nxd5!, but you have to be creative to see moves like this. Black also missed 26...Nxd5. And you won\'t believe this : 27...Nxe4 and you lose a pawn, and the game if your opponent plays correctly. It was simple, but you two did missed that, but don\'t bother with this : errors make you a better player. Another Black error : 31...Bxb5. 31...Ra7 is better. But after 36...h5?, black\'s position fall. 36...g5 was forced. No comments for the rest of the game. But it\'s almost impossible to do a perfect game, trust me -

2United  bluebluegreen2008-12-15 06:53:47
You played well. Clearly you out classed your opponent this game. Nice mate at the end as well =)-

3United  WarrenW2008-12-15 18:43:37
Ahh.... neat little mate!-



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