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Player: United  kafkan Subject: ChessHere member dies

2008-12-13 04:10:47
I am writing to you as a good friend of one of the chess here family. My old friend Focust1 who\'s real name was David Goodnow died in his home several days ago after years of problems with diabetes. I had got David to start playing against me here a couple of years ago. He had not played since college. At first I was able to beat him regularly, but soon his rust disappeared and it got to where I rarely won a game against him. He had really grown to love these games he played here. He was somewhat lonely and I think he took a lot from playing with everyone here. It\'s interesting how a game such as chess and this website can come to be important in a person\'s life. I will miss him and the chess games we played.-
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1Australia  cc13669115662008-12-13 07:35:50
you have my condoleances-

2Viet  Hao Nhien2008-12-13 08:22:25
Chessplayers should never die...-

3Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-13 17:45:00
Death is a hard challenge for us I know you can be stronger mentally if you pass this challenge It is with things like this you are a better person-

4United  WarrenW2008-12-13 19:21:38
Kafkan, thank you for letting us know. Prayers and best wishes for friends and family of David.-

5International  cc12418155002008-12-14 00:57:15
I am familiar with loss,my condolences go out to Davids friends and family.-

6United  TJSaltdog2008-12-14 02:31:44
I remember him, I will pray for his family. He will be missed.-

7Portugal  viriol2008-12-14 22:34:45
Rest in Peace David Goodnow. May you play chess with God.-

8Turkey  ookii2008-12-17 20:08:03
Thank you for letting us know, kafkan. I cant express my feelings for a man whose last years passed with chess. Take my condolences. Rest in peace, David...-

9Canada  donven172008-12-18 23:18:38
All my condolences to David, and Kafkan im sure he would be happy knowing what you are doing for him here and im sure you made him very happy by bringing chess back into his life.-

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