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Player: United  WarrenW Subject: On Dec. 24th you will need this site!

2008-12-22 22:54:20
The following is the site to watch on December 24th: (NORAD Tracks Santa)-
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1ST  Experienced2008-12-23 02:39:54
lol its funny because my little sisters use this exact site to \'watch\' santa every year-

2Canada  donven172008-12-23 21:29:13
Haha lol nice-

3United  Smaug2008-12-23 21:38:26
Surely Santa doesn\'t need watching, as he manages to get it all done in the same instant - it\'s always the same time at the North Pole (ie all of them, as all time zones pass through it), so he simply goes out, drops off one load of presents, returns to the same time as he went out, etc.!-

4Canada  donven172008-12-23 23:33:42
Wow i never thought of it beng at the same time zone -

5Singapore  protos222008-12-24 07:14:26
Warren, Thanks for the info. I\'ll get my kids to watch it.-

6Cayman  Incorrigible2008-12-26 12:51:57
You gotta believeThere is a Santa Claus, there is an Easter Bunny, there is a Tooth Fairy, there is a... -

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