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Player: Bosnia  Fudbaler09 Subject: Mind of a GM

2008-12-24 06:35:15
If the bird flies too low then the WING will fall off, and if the wing falls of then the bird will no longer be able to circle the earth, rather it will be left swinging, left and right, and looking up at the sky like straight arrow? The other day my great friend and a mentor in life and chess, GM Emir D., said this to me after we played a blitz game…. Would anyone care enough to comment on what Mr. Emir referred to? B.P.-
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1International  cc12418155002008-12-24 15:59:21
Sounds like \"Icarus\" revisited although Icarus flew too high and the sun melted his wings.-------Ask your mentor a question for me.\"If my wife says something in the forest and I\'m not there to hear her,Is she still right????\"-

2United  WarrenW2008-12-24 17:51:35
I have no idea what he was referring to. If someone were to tell me during a chess game that my wings were about to fall off, or after a game that my wings had fallen off, I would take that to mean that I had played recklessly, or carelessly, or had attacked prematurely. I would be interested to know what your friend meant by his statement. -

3Bosnia  Fudbaler092008-12-24 19:11:03
A Clue: Wing not wings ...B.P.-

4Canada  donven172008-12-24 19:46:10
I believe he ment to say that if the bird flies too low (you as the attacker in the game is attacking at any opertunity he sees to attack)(or you as the defenceman is defending rather than attacking so letting your opponent expand and take advantage of the board, and therefor of the game in the long-run) then the WING will fall off (if you are the attacker then by attacking you will most likely at one point lose your main piece of the game and lose your \"wing\". Or you may get attacked back and not be able to keep attacking so being forced to defend with your poor defence because you were only concentrating on attacking)(or you as the defenceman keep defending and at one point you will lose your \"wing\" meaning you either lose all posibility of great attack or lose some pieces because you werent aware they were in danger because you were only thinking of defending your king so you lose most possibility of great attack also) and if the wing falls off the bird will no longer be able to circle the earth (as the attacker if you lose your wing (your attacking piece) your opponent will now have the advantage and will now start to attempt to mate or start elliminating all of your other important pieces and you will not be able to keep your strategy up by attacking you will have to tr to retreat and become the defender. Or in the case that once you lost your wing (your advantage because your opponent started attacking back) you will not be able to defend against a greater attack because all of your pieces are at the other end of the board, attacking. so you will quickly see that you have very little chance at being the victorious and will be stuck defending with what is still on your side of the board, being very little since you sent everything out to attack)(By being the defenceman if you lose your wing (your important pieces) you will have a very good defensive position but you will be stuck in it, you have lost all your good pieces and you will not be able to attack your opponent anymore you will just have to wait and its only a matter of time before you are over)rather it will be left swinging, left and right, and looking up at the sky like straight arrow. (you will be left to defend yourself with what you have left, which is very little now that your wing is gone, and making it very hard to fight off your opponents attack, so you will be left defending your king, making sacrifices just to survive longer, and you will at one point lose the game. Because without your \"wing\" you\'re lost.) --So i believe that he ment to say, if you\'re the attacker, you should always make sure your most important piece (very possibly your queen) isnt in grave danger and that if it is lost, you have a plan B. Also by being the attacker you must be aware that you are attacking so not spending time making some kind of defence, and remember your opponent see\'s this so he will most likely take advantage of it. So you must build up a solid defence that if it is breached you have time to send some help back. --By being the Defenceman you are always defending but remember, there cant be 2 defencemen one must be the attacker so if you\'re thinking you\'re the defenceman that will make your opponent the attacker and he will attack you so you must be aware of what your opponent is doing at all times and make sure it wont be too harmful and that you will be able to come back if you lose a piece, or that you just defend your piece also. But by defending yourself you are mostly thinking of defending your king, giving him a strong entourage and a good barricade to block others from coming in, this is very good but if its all you\'re thinking about then your opponent will have the time to do something similar possibly and/or even find a way to get to your king and get you into some trouble. ==What your friend was probably trying to tell you is that you should play your game evenly, both defencevely and offencively to make sure that your opponent cant take advantage of either of your situations.-

5Canada  donven172008-12-24 19:46:34
Woah thats more then i thought it would be -

6International  cc12418155002008-12-24 20:13:33
A bird with one wing???-

7International  cc12418155002008-12-24 20:21:40
If Mr.Emir is really your friend and mentor wouldn\'t he just tell you whats on his mind instead of speaking to you in parables?-

8Bosnia  Fudbaler092008-12-24 20:30:32
Donven17, I like how you approached this, however what he was trying to say is not that complex, Indeed it is much, much simpler….oh, and Mr. Corrie, chess is an art, using personification gives it more than just straight words…. B.P.-

9International  cc12418155002008-12-24 20:51:12
forgive me,I am but a layman,a poor carpenter who seeks only to understand in words that I can comprehend.....CVD-

10Bosnia  Fudbaler092008-12-24 21:01:05
It is like a beautiful move, giving a chess game a real human ability…B.P.-

11International  cc12418155002008-12-24 21:02:47
Lets see now,hmmmmm,wing,maybe the old wing gambit,no,no thats not it.Hmmmmm maybe something by Richard Reti,no,no not that either.WAIT,WAIT,I THINK GM EMIR IS DESCRIBING A \"CHESS CLOCK\".Alas it\'s all relative-

12International  cc12418155002008-12-24 21:04:31
my flag has fallen-

13International  cc12418155002008-12-24 21:05:17
both hands facing up ,like an arrow-

14Bosnia  Fudbaler092008-12-24 21:05:30
It is chess clock…Would you mind to interpret the entire saying... B.P.-

15International  cc12418155002008-12-24 21:08:57
Think I will leave that up to you my friend. I enjoyed the puzzle very much.TY and Merry Xmas to you and your family-

16Cayman  Incorrigible2008-12-25 13:49:20
How would I knowDo I have the mind od a GM-

17International  cc12418155002008-12-25 15:18:45
apparently not!-

18Canada  donven172008-12-25 16:51:11
Alright well is it a chess clock because right now i am quite confused.. and just for my knowledge, Fudbaler, may i ask why you put B.P. at the end of every comment you post?-

19International  cc12418155002008-12-25 17:15:44
Of course it\'s a chess clock,Fudbaler says I am right in post 14.Fudbalers real name =B.P-

20Cayman  Incorrigible2008-12-26 12:07:06
What about enlightening us on this, master Corrie-

21Portugal  viriol2008-12-26 14:35:14
Probably, if you are not ambitious when playing, you\'ll lose whatever advantage you may have?-

22Canada  donven172008-12-27 18:37:01
Possibly its because if you fly too low, take too much time then in the end game youll have very little time to finish the game and youll be moving too quickly just not to lose by the clock-

23Canada  RoeAntSte2009-09-21 20:53:04
no idea-

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