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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: hung on by the skin of my teeth

2008-12-24 18:34:55
i just finished this game and made a horrible move that i thought was going to cost me the game.
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1Canada  donven172008-12-24 19:13:00
Im guessing your horrible move was 18.Qxa7 but your opponent just couldnt quit put an end to the game so you did, congratulations because you deserve it -

2Canada  Blizzaror2008-12-24 19:47:56
A disaster you did on your 18th move, but you did a good choice to not resign, and you give him a lesson with your 31st move, wich with that you did come back in your game. I think that you have some serious skills for a novice, you can use basic tactics like the fork you did with 32.Nd6+. So you really deserve this win-

3ST  Experienced2008-12-24 20:02:33
thank you guys, i honestly thought it would have been game over if he had not moved Qxd4. That saved me-

4Canada  donven172008-12-25 17:00:48
Yes he made a mistake there, but who doesnt make mistakes right?-

5ST  Experienced2008-12-25 19:05:08
lol that is a good point, but your skill is based on not what good moves you make but how many bad ones you make. =D-

6Canada  donven172008-12-28 01:53:48
wise words my friend-

7ST  Experienced2008-12-28 04:55:56
=D now i just need to apply it -

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